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Turn Promotional Events into Sales
Bizlect connects new customers to your business.
How it works
Set up business on the app
Simply select a category, enter business's information, list your products or services, upload photos, and add call-to-action buttons. Your business app is now ready.
Display QR code
The Bizlect app generates your business's QR code. Print the code with your customer's call to action. For example: “Scan to get 20% off your first purchase.”.
Gain new customers
New customers scan the code and then connected to your business. You can now do direct marketing, accept mobile payments, and increase your sales.
Why use Bizlect
Anna doesn’t use Bizlect Jane uses Bizlect
Anna works hard to prepare everything for her promotional event. Jane works hard to prepare everything for her promotional event.
Anna wants to ensure she will get the contact information of every visitor that may be a potential customer. Jane wants to ensure she will be able to contact every visitor that may be a potential customer.
Anna prepares her tablet with a spreadsheet so that her visitors can enter their names and email addresses. Jane uses the Bizlect app to generate and print a QR code for her event by simply clicking a button.
Throughout the event, Anna encourages her visitors to enter their emails, but feels their hesitation to leave their personal information and have the possibility of being spammed and only receives some of her visitor’s emails. Throughout the event, Jane's visitors enjoy scanning her business’s QR code. They are pleased to stay connected to her business and receive future discounts without giving away any of their personal information.
After the event, Anna has a lot of work to do. She has to email her visitors and hope they will read her promotional emails. She realizes that many of the collected emails probably were fake or sent to junk folders. After the event, Jane can relax. By simply clicking a button she sends push notifications to every visitor that came to her event. She sees when her promotional messages are delivered and read.
Anna feels disappointed because she can’t effectively communicate with visitors of her event. Jane feels very accomplished because she has the ability to connect with every visitor that came to her event.
Anna has no reliable way to promote her business and sees no increase in her sales from putting on the promotional event. Jane can collect customer feedback, send promotional discounts, accept mobile payments, and sees her sales increase!